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„When it comes to sleeping“

After a long day of adventure, you want a tent that is quick to set up and offers you shelter. Our tents combine simplicity with functionality, so you can quickly find the desired peace and well-deserved comfort.

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Sphere Extreme
Aero 2 DAC
Aero 3 DAC
Arris Extreme DAC
Vega Extreme
Gemini 150 Extreme
Gemini 150 Extreme Snow
Summit 2
Summit 3
Gemini 210
Excel Duralu
Storm 2
Storm 3
Storm 4
Storm 2 Duralu
Storm 3 Duralu
Storm 4 Duralu
Tornado 2
Tornado 3
Tornado 4
Tornado 2 Duralu
Tornado 3 Duralu
Tornado 4 Duralu
Campus 3
Base Camp
Campus 3 Duralu
Campus 4
Campus 4 Duralu
Campus 5
Campus 5 Duralu
Echo 1 DAC
Echo 2 DAC
Gemini 150
Interval 4
Interval 4
Interval 4 Steel
Interval 6