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Arris Extreme DAC

Determination: Hiking, Trekking, Alpine tourism

Ultralight two-person tent with one front entrance

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 139648 SKU manufacturer: 8592638139648

Main advantages

Low weight
High reliability
Great poackability
High strength and stability of the structure

Used materials

Tent poles DAC Featherlite NSL
Very light and strong tent poles from renowned Korean manufacturer DAC

NSL Featherlite tent poles from Korean manufacturer DAC are the best choice if you are looking for a strong and lightweight tent rod.

They feature high precision manufacturing, the use of high quality 7001 T6 aluminium and cleverly designed construction.

Each segment has two different diameters for optimum strength. Each segment is widened at the ends where the segments join, and narrowed in the middle. The advantage of this solution is the weight saving and the fact that the segments and the connecting insert have the same diameter increases the overall stiffness and strength of the members. More...


A highly effective and timeless water-repellent effect is achieved by applying a silicone treatment to the tent's canopy.

In this technological process, the fibres of the fabric are impregnated with silicone, making the fabric extremely water-repellent with self-cleaning ability. The so-called lotus blossom effect occurs, where water droplets are repelled from the surface of the fleece, water is not retained in the fabric even when it is imperfectly switched off and quickly drains off in the form of droplets, taking all the dirt with it. Another important effect of siliconisation is a significant increase in the strength, elasticity and tear resistance of the siliconised fibres of the fabric.

is a fabric manufacturing technology designed to increase resistance to mechanical damage while maintaining weight

At regular intervals, thicker fibers forming a grid are woven transversely and longitudinally into the tropic material, thereby preventing further crack propagation if the fabric is torn.

Detailed Description

Arris Extreme

A modified version of the Arris for especially difficult weather conditions, with DAC 7001 T6 Duralumin alloy poles

DAC Featherlite NSL (7001 T6) Duralumin poles with a diameter of 9 / 9.5 mm.

The seams are coated with silicone.

An ultralight nylon Ripstop flysheet with UV protection saves weight.

Ideal for anyone looking for a sufficiently large free-standing tent with minimal weight that is easy to erect.

Thanks to its packability, this tent is very popular with bikers, cyclists and minimalists.

Stan Arris Extreme green postavený

Technical specification

Weight 1.9 kg
Package Size ⌀15 x 42 cm
Number of people 1 - 2
Amount of enterances 1
Construction type Cupola
Amount of vents 2
Number of poles / crossing points 1 / 0
Buildable without a bedroom No
Height of tent (bedroom) 120 (115) cm
Siliconised Yes
Taped seams Silicone coated seams
Number of pins 13
Category Ultralight
Material of poles DAC Featherlite NSL 7001 T6
Pole diameter 9 mm
Flysheet material Nylon RipStop, Siliconization 4 000mm H2O, UV protection, Silicone coated seams
Groundsheet material Nylon, PU coating 10 000mm H2O

Stan Arris Extreme orange postavený


The flysheet is made of Nylon with RipStop treatment and triple, double-sided siliconization, guaranteeing a water column of 4,000 mm. The flysheet seams are sealed with silicone.

The groundsheet is made of Nylon with a Polyurethane coating and a water column of 10,000 mm.

DAC Featherlite NSL (7001 T6) Duralumin poles with a diameter of 9 / 9.5 mm.


The tent is double-skinned and consists of an inner tent and an outer shell - tropical. The outer and inner tent is trapezoidal in shape, the entrance to the bedroom and tent is from the front side, where the outer tent forms an apse, suitable for storing luggage or cooking.


It is located above the entrance to the tent and at the feet. The ventilation windows are shaped so that they are not tilted by the wind. This prevents leakage even in rain with strong winds.

půdorys stanu Arris Extreme

Pitching the tent

Use the hooks to suspend the inner tent from the duralumin structure. Pull the flysheet over the structure, then attach it to the poles using the Velcro on the underside. Fasten the buckles and pull the flysheet taut. Anchor the tent with pegs and guy ropes.

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