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Interval 4

Determination: Camping

Spacious tent with two separate bedrooms and a large hall

Main advantages

Easy to build
High reliability
High strength and stability of the structure
Spacious vestibus
Two enterances
Integrated groundsheet

Used materials


Lightweight and solid polyester flysheet fabric has high resistance to UV, does not age and retains its properties during prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat

Rain fly - PU coating
Provides water resistance up to 4000mm

PU coating

It is a thin waterproof polyurethane layer applied several times on the inside of the tropic.Depending on the number of layers of coating, the tropic is resistant to water pressure up to 4000mm (Extreme and Hiking series), 3000mm (Trekking and Family series) and 2500mm (Outdoor series). The coating retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures well below freezing.

Detailed Description

Interval 4

Tunnel-type family tent. It is an affordable combination of comfort, space, stability and easy construction. This model is a generous space solution for larger groups or family camping.

Rain fly is made of Polyester with a polyurethane coating, guaranteeing a water column of 4,000 mm. The seams are taped with waterproof tape.

The floor is made of Nylon with a Polyurethane coating, providing a 10,000mm water column.

The rods consist of laminate segments with a diameter of 11 mm.

Stan Interval 4 postavený

Technical specification

Weight 14.5 kg
Weight without inner tent 12.5 kg
Package Size ⌀45 x 80 cm
Number of people 5+
Amount of enterances 2
Construction type Tunnel
Amount of vents 4
Number of poles / crossing points 3 / 0
Buildable without a bedroom Yes
Height of tent (bedroom) 210 (195) cm
Siliconised No
Taped seams Yes
Number of pins 33
Category Family
Material of poles Inflatable
Flysheet material Polyester, PU coating 4 000mm H2O
Groundsheet material Nylon, PU coating 10 000mm H2O

půdorys stanu Interval 4


The tent is double-layered and consists of an inner tent and an outer layer – the rain fly. The inner tent has a trapezoidal floor plan with an entrance on its longest side. The outer tent has a large vestibule that can be entered through two different entrances.

Tent concept

It is based on the principle that the rod structure is strung in tunnels made of perforated material outside the rain fly. The rain fly and the inner tent (which is suspended under the rain fly) are built simultaneously after the tent poles are threaded through the tunnels. The advantage of this method is that the inner tent can be detached from the rain fly, and the rain fly can then be erected separately, resulting in a single-shell tent without a floor.


It is located at the top of the dome of the rain fly. The canopies of the ventilation windows are shaped so that they are not tilted by the wind. This prevents leakage even during rain with strong wind.

Building a tent

We push the tent poles of the structure through the perforated tunnels outside the rain fly and insert the steel spikes strung on the floor near the rain flyinto the tubes at the end of the tent poles. We fasten the inner tent to the loops on the inside of the rain fly. We anchor the erected tent with pegs and cords and fasten it with plastic clips.

Download files

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