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New generation of backpacks

We've pushed it. We took the existing backpack models and spent days and nights working on them - we drew, we made samples, our ambassadors tested it - and finally we made it and so we are really proud of it. Our backpacks went through the biggest change in the history of the brand. Let's take a look.


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In addition to simplification and lightening, we have also changed materials. Newly made backpacks are made of Nylon 6.6 and Nylon Robic, which are lighter and stronger than the previous Hicor. On the contrary, we stayed with the proven YKK zippers.


Extremely breathable system AVBSNon-soaking winter system SnOffComfortably padded system 3D MeshCombined system E3DAdjustable back system ABS


Even the back systems have went trought the innovative process. In the last collection you can meet a total of five types of back systems - AIR Vent Back SystemSNOFF, 3D Mesh Back SystemE3D and adjustable system ABS. Types of back systems are designed according to the main activities of the backpack model.


Trekking poles can be attached to shoulder strap on the goEmergency whistle included in chest strap buckleBackpack lid can be detached and used as handbag or hipbag easily


Even if you choose only one of the redesigned backpacks, you will find that it will stand up to several different events. This is due to the versatility and modularity of backpacks. Removable back pads, pockets for back protectors, removable lids, waist belts and chest straps.


You can use certified protectors Sas-Tec with selected backpacksCity byckpacks include padded pocket for electronicsOutdoor backpacks are equipped with integrated raincover


But this versatility is certainly not at the expense of specialization. Is the backpack designed for bike or freeride? It can then be equipped with a certified Sas-Tec protector. Backpacks designed for the city also have a padded laptop pocket. Almost all backpacks are equipped with integrated raincoats, it's the matter of course for us.


Pockets and loops included in padded hip strapsCamelbag hose hole


And to prove our confidence, we prolong the warranty period for a whole decade, for the total of 12 years.

We believe that you will love our backpacks so they will become your reliable partners in all your adventures, whether in nature or in the city.


Read about our backpacks Commute and Integral written by 
(in czech language, sorry)

Product code Name Stock Compare
explorer-100 Explorer 100 In stock Detail
explorer-75 Explorer 75 In stock Detail
explorer-60 Explorer 60 In stock Detail
walker-50 Walker 50 In stock Detail
activent-48 Activent 48 In stock Detail
322163 Attack 45 In stock Detail
trail-42 Trail 42 In stock Detail
ridge-40 Ridge 40 In stock Detail
boulder-38 Boulder 38 In stock Detail
vector-35 Vector 35 In stock Detail
air-33 Ace 33 In stock Detail
integral-30 Integral 30 In stock Detail
fly-30 Fly 30 In stock Detail
ridge-28 Ridge 28 In stock Detail
340280 Ace 27 Detail
354195 Commute 25 In stock Detail
ride-25 Ride 25 In stock Detail
step-24 Step 24 In stock Detail
ride-19 Ride 19 In stock Detail
flux-15 Flux 15 In stock Detail
hipbag Hipbag In stock Detail