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Air 33

Determination: Hiking, Cycling

A spacious two-compartment backpack with a well-ventilated back system and shoulder straps

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 374032 SKU manufacturer: 8592638374032

Main advantages

Camel bag pocket
AIR Vent Back system for maximum ventilation
Hanger holes
Reflective loop to fix flashlight
Walking sticks straps

Used materials

Nylon Robic
The difference begins with the thread

Nylon ROBIC® woven fabrics and materials are up to 50% stronger with up to 2.5x tear strength compared to standard Nylon 6 fabrics.

Simply, they are hard to break and very hard to tear.

YKK Zippers
High quality Japan zippers

The zippers of the well-known Japanese manufacturer, which is one of the best zipper manufacturer in the world. The zippers of this brand guarantee quality, long lifespan and reliability. Components of small dimensions, but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is often a condition of the function and usability of the whole product.

Nifco buckles
Branded buckles with lifetime warranty

The basic raw material for the manufacture of Nifco staples is Polyoxymethylene (POM). It is also known as polyacetal or acetal. It is a thermoplastic polymer used to produce precision parts. It is characterized by high stiffness, high wear resistance, heat resistance, elasticity, is tasteless and odorless, has a very low coefficient of friction. It is dimensionally stable even in damp, easy to machine.

Detailed Description

Weekend fun - on a bike or on foot

A partition separating the hydration pack from the other equipment in the main compartment. Two compartments for separating gear according to its frequency of use. The shoulder straps with reinforced padding in the shoulder area for even more comfort when transporting heavy loads, are perforated at the top for increased breathability. Load lifters at the top of the shoulder straps ensure the pack sits in the perfect position on your back. Height adjustable and detachable chest strap with a whistle for emergencies. A pair of side compression straps to perfectly compress the pack and draw the load in to the back system, increasing mobility when riding with the pack. Spacious front zippered pocket with inner mesh zippered pocket for valuables and a carabiner for keys.

Přepážka oddělující vodní vak od dalšího převáženého vybavení uvnitř hlavní komory. Dvě komory pro oddělení přepravovaného vybavení podle četnosti jeho používání.
Ramenní popruhy se zesíleným polstrováním v ramenní části pro ještě větší komfort při transportu těžkého nákladu Prostorná čelní zipová kapsa s vnitřní síťovanou zipovou kapsou na cennosti s karabinkou na klíče.
Balanční popruhy v horní části ramenních popruhů pro dokonalé usazení batohu na zádech.  






Technical specification

Material Nylon Robic
Volume 33 L
Weight 0.92 kg
Amount of compartments 2
Outer / inner zipper pockets 2/1
Adjustable shoulder straps Yes
Detachable hip belt No
Integrated raincover Yes
Camel bag - ready Yes
Back system AIR Vent Back System
Zippers YKK
Dimensions 56 x 30 x 26 cm
Volume 31L - 50L

Back system and hip belt

The very comfortable, ventilated AVBS back system, combined with 3D mesh panels, allows maximum ventilation while maintaining optimum load distribution. Hip belt with central wings to comfortably settle the pack on your back and stop it moving.

Other advantages

Reflective loop for flashing safety light at the bottom of the lower compartment. Detachable elastic cord on the front of the pack to easily attach readily accessible gear (windcheater, etc.). Side mesh pockets for bottles. Elastic loops with hooks for fastening telescopic poles and loops on the bottom of the pack. A pair of vertical daisy chains on the front of the pack to attach additional equipment. Striking raincover in a separate zippered pocket at the bottom of the pack. The location of the pocket allows it to be used to transport a tool pouch.

Výrazná pláštěnka v samostatné zipové kapse na dně batohu. Umístění kapsy umožňuje využít kapsu pro transport pouzdra na nářadí.

Pružná poutka s háčky na připevnění teleskopických holí a poutka na dně batohu.Výrazná pláštěnka v samostatné zipové kapse na dně batohu. Umístění kapsy umožňuje využít kapsu pro transport pouzdra na nářadí.

Material and components
  • YKK Japanese zips
  • NIFCO buckles
  • Highly durable Nylon Robic fabric