Vector 35

Determination: Trekking, Hiking, Camping

Universal two-chamber backpack for trekking and cycling.

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Main advantages

Camel bag pocket
Compression straps
Removable back support
Reflective loop to fix flashlight
Walking sticks straps

Used materials

High performance and long lifetime fabric

High performance and long lifetime fabric

YKK Zippers
High quality Japan zippers

The zippers of the well-known Japanese manufacturer, which is one of the best zipper manufacturer in the world. The zippers of this brand guarantee quality, long lifespan and reliability. Components of small dimensions, but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is often a condition of the function and usability of the whole product.

Spony Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access
For easy handling with gloves

Detailed Description

Comfort and spaciousness, that's Vector

Versatile two-compartment backpack suitable for nature, cycling and other sports activities. With its large volume, it can accommodate the entire family for a day trip.

Sewn back system made of 3D foam is designed with the best possible ventilation with optimum load distribution.

The large entrances to both chambers, which can be unified if necessary, a very comfortable waist belt, compression straps for when the bag is not fully filled.

Vector 35, back

Technical specification

Material HICOR 3.0 RS; HICOR 6.0; Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access Buckles
Volume 35 L
Weight 1.35 kg
Amount of chambers 2
Outer / inner zipper pockets
Adjustable shoulder straps Yes
Detachable hip belt Yes
Integrated raincover Yes
Camel bag - ready Yes
Back system 3D Mesh Back System
Zippers YKK
Dimensions 56 x 31 x 22 cm
Volume 31L - 50L

Vector 35 orange front

Plenty of storage space

The entrance to the lower chamber is equipped with a zipper with two sliders, the chamber can be conveniently opened and filled. The chambers are separated by a partition with zipper, which can be opened and create the big one.

On the sides, there are mesh stretch pockets and above them, there are tightening straps with buckles. A bit higher we find other straps with clips, they hold in the front of the slats. The slats do not only fulfill the design function, but behind the left one, we find a hidden pocket that copies the entire front of the backpack. This is more suitable for flat equipment such as a map or documents.

The upper chamber is equipped with a zipper with two riders, it can be opened, up to three quarters of the backpack height. The chamber has an inner zippered pocket and pocket for camelbag with velcro loops, inside the pocket, there is also a removable back reinforcement.

Reflective elements

On the front of the backpack, there is an elastic web with reflective elements, which can be detached and clipped to the top of the backpack on other loops with reflective print. You can also value the two reflective loops, which hold two removable loops for trekking poles.

Vector 35 black front

Vector 35 blue front

All weather support

The backpack also includes a detachable raincoat. It is hidden in a pocket with the inscription "Raincover". At night you will be delighted with a blinker loop with reflective print. Next to it, there are two larger loops for trekking poles or ice axes.

Equipment of Vector 35

  • Integrated raincoat
  • Reflective loop for bike blinker
  • Large opening of the lower chamber
  • The chambers are separated by a zipper partition with two riders
  • Reflective removable elastic web
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides
  • Four straps (two with buckles) to pull back the backpack and lock the load
  • Secret pocket hidden behind the hem of the backpack
  • Camelbag pocket, opening and elastic bands for the hose
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • removable hip belt
  • 3D mesh back system