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Duo S

Determination: Camping, Caravaning

Set of stainless steel cookware for three to five people

Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability

Detailed Description

Duo S

A set of stainless steel camping cookware for three to five people.

The folding handles are made of steel wire covered in heat-resistant silicone.

The lid handles are also silicone. Logos and volume marks are engraved with a laser, which guarantees high chemical and mechanical resistance.

The lids are perforated on one side with small holes for straining. The large lid fits both the large pot and frying pan. Made of durable and impact-resistant AISI 201 steel. Does not contain BPA, lead or phthalates.

Set nerezového nádobí Duo S

Technical specification

Material Stainless steel 18/8, polypropylene, silicon
Weight 773 g
Carry bag Yes
Pieces in set 5 ks
Number of people 3 - 5
Content of the set
Pot *1000ml / 850ml / ⌀152 x 66mm / 185g
Pot *1500ml / 1300ml / ⌀172 x 83mm / 235g
Pan *900ml / 750ml / ⌀175 x 50mm / 175g

Contents of the set

The set includes two pots with lids and a frying pan. The total volume of the frying pan is 900 ml, of which 750 ml is usable. The pots are 1000 ml and 1500 ml in all, with usable volumes of 850 ml and 1300 ml respectively. The inside of the pots have graduation marks at every 500 ml.

The set comes in a mesh transport pack.