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Travel Gas 450g

Determination: Hiking, VHT, Kemping

Large threaded gas cartridge

Detailed Description

Cartridge 450g

The most common type of threaded cartridge, compatible with most stoves, including freestanding ones.

The filling consists of a mixture of Propane/N-Butane/Isobutane gases, which ensure constant pressure in the cartridge even at low temperatures and at the same time a very low gassing value. Thanks to this, the mixture can be ignited already at -40°C.

Due to its height, we recommend equipping this cartridge with a stand, which widens its base and increases stability.< /p>


Kartuše 450g se stojánkem

Technical specification

Dimensions ⌀109 x 150 mm
Weight 670 g
Gas composition Propane / N-Butane / Izo-Butane
Norm EN 417
Cartridge type Screwing