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Travel Gas 220g

Determination: Hiking, VHT, Kemping

Storable gas cartridge with bayonet connector

Detailed Description

Travel Gas 220g

The four-season gas mix Propane - Butane - Isobutane has been liked by a large number of our customers due to their reliability.

This type of cartridge is most often used for portable hotplates, people also call them "spray" due to their similarity in shape.

  • Gas composition (approx): 30% Propane, 30% Isobutane, 40% Butane
  • Propane ensures higher evaporation of gas vapors in cold weather.
  • Isobutane provides constant performance of the cartridge even with a smaller gas volume. Isobutane is very similar to butane, but it gasses already at -11°C, has a higher calorific value and also behaves better in colder weather.

Adaptor připojený k 220g kartuši a vařiči Mantis

Technical specification

Dimensions ⌀68 x 185 mm
Weight 345 g
Gas composition Propane / N-Butane / Izo-Butane
Norm EN 417
Cartridge type Nozzle