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Blizzard Junior PFM

Determination: Camping, Trekking, Hiking

Quality three-season children’s sleeping bag that can be turned into a blanket


teplotní určení spacáku Blizzard Junior PFM

The following types of product are available:

Zipper side:
In stock
Product code: 239553 SKU manufacturer: 8592638239553

Main advantages

High reliability
Great price / performance ratio
Possibility to connect L+R

Used materials

Polyester DWR ClimaControl Shield
Technology of the outer fabric of the sleeping bag, increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

It provides a balanced outer fabric, preventing warm air from escaping from the inside while ensuring adequate breathability.
Optimises the balance between windproofing to retain warmth and venting internal moisture to prevent condensation.
The combination of these properties ensures user comfort and a favourable internal climate of the sleeping bag.
The water-repellent finish provides sufficient protection against adverse weather conditions.
The Clima Control Shield fabric is lightweight, packable and soft to the touch.

Polyester Micro Lite
Brushed polyester pleasant to the touch

Thanks to the Micro lite treatment, this fabric is very pleasant to the touch, almost to the point of giving the impression of cotton. In contrast, it dries much better, lasts longer and is much lighter.

Thermic Fibre PFM
The new generation thermal insulation material is composed of a mixture of siliconised hollow fibres with a very small diameter close to microfibre.

The high thermal resistance of the fibers results from their ability to bind large amounts of air molecules not only inside the cavity, but also on the surface of the fibers due to their micrometer diameter.
The siliconisation of the surface fixes the fibres in their relative position, thus achieving a spring effect - i.e. a high loft of the thermal insulation layer, with low weight and excellent packability.
Thermicfibre PFM is a non-absorbent material with a water repellent finish, dries quickly, insulates excellently even in high humidity, is absolutely non-allergenic, very soft and user-friendly.
Easy to care for, machine washable on a gentle programme and tumble dry.

Detailed Description

When you need even more space

Whether it’s your physical size or you just need to roll around for a good night’s sleep, sometimes you simply need more space than a mummy sleeping bag can provide. That’s why there’s the Blizzard Junior PFM, the smallest of the family, which includes the Blizzard PFMand Blizzard Wide PFM, designed for your little ones.

The Junior version is slightly narrower and almost half a metre shorter than the standard Blizzard. This is so that its effectiveness is not lost when used by someone of smaller stature due to too much air circulation.

Due to its features, such as the aforementioned spaciousness, variability - it can be joined to a second Blizzard or completely unzipped to create a blanket. We highly recommend it for camping in your car or caravan and other types of long-term camping.

Blizzard Junior PFM - červený

Technical specification

Weight 1.3 kg
Zippers SBS
Insulation technology Syntethetic - ThermicFibre
Insulation Thermicfibre PFM
Insulation thickness Two-layer
Outer material Polyester DWR Clima Control Shield
Inner material Nylon, 2x
User's height 150 cm
Width (max/min) 70 cm
Packed volume 10.5 L
Kompressed volume 7.1 L
Connectability (L+R) Yes
Packed / compressed dimensions 19x37/25 cm
Shape Blanket
Type Children (150cm)
Season Three-season
Comfort 4 °C
Limit -1 °C
Extreme -17 °C

To keep out the cold

We are fully aware that cold is the number one enemy of sleep, so we fight it in every way we can.

  1. Naturally, the zip is double-sided and can be opened/closed from both the inside and the outside. In addition, it has a flap on the inside, which effectively prevents air from penetrating inside. It is also padded, so if you sleep on the zip you won’t feel like the princess and the pea.
  2. It may seem trivial, but who takes clothes pegs into the great outdoors? That’s why we’ve given our sleeping bags two loops to make them easier to hang and dry faster.

spojené spacáky

Singles and couples

Thanks to left or righthand side zip that separate in the corner at the feet, it is not only possible to join two Blizzards together, but the Blizzard can also be joined with all blanket sleeping bags with ThermicFibre PFM filling, so, if your child gets cold, they can attach their sleeping bag to yours or to that of a sibling.

In contrast, if it’s too hot, the Blizzard can be unzipped completely and turned into a 170x150 cm blanket.

ThermicFibre 6 double-layer thermal insulation (2x150g/m2)

Double-layer thermal insulation prevents thermal bridges forming in the filling. This means that the filling is made up of two layers of fleece on top of each other, with one layer sewn to the upper fabric at certain intervals and the other layer similarly sewn to the lower fabric, however, the seams are offset so they don’t overlap.

Clima Control Shield treatment

ClimaControl Shield (CCS) technology provides a balanced outer fabric, preventing warm air from escaping while ensuring adequate breathability.
It optimizes the balance between windproofing to retain warmth and venting internal moisture to prevent condensation.
The combination of these features ensures user comfort and a pleasant internal climate inside the sleeping bag.
The water repellent finish provides adequate protection against bad weather.
Clima Control Shield treated fabric is lightweight, packable and soft to the touch.

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