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Stratos Jacket

Determination: Mountain hiking, ski alpinism, rock climbing

Full-stretch, waterproof jacket made of ACD three-layer laminate


The following types of product are available:

Product code: 405262 SKU manufacturer: 8592638405262

Main advantages

Detachable snow belt
The pockets do not obstruct the harness
Large air vents
Drawstring above waist and bottom hem
Large pockets for gloves
Large adjustable hood

Used materials

A.C.D. Membrane 3L
Water column: 30 000mm Vapor permeability: 25 000g H2O / 24h

So-called three-layer laminate, in which the following three layers are laminated: topsheet, A.C.D. and bottom diaphragm protection. The material thus obtained is intended for extreme wear, can withstand even higher water pressure while maintaining the vapor permeability of the two-layer membrane.

YKK WaterResistant zippers
Special waterproof zippers for waterproof clothing.

Zippers of a renowned Japanese manufacturer, which are among the best in the industry in the world. Zippers of this brand guarantee quality, durability and reliability. Components of small size but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is usually a condition for the functionality and usability of the whole product.

Nylon 6.6 Stretch
Flexible, highly durable fabric used to reinforce exposed areas

Elastic, very durable fabric made of specially treated Nylon fibers, which is used for particularly stressed items of clothing. Their elastic capability allows the range of movement to be increased, and the high abrasion resistance of this material (comparable to Cordura) prevents wear of these parts.

Detailed Description

A jacket for the toughest conditions.

Stratos is a high-quality technical jacket that will be appreciated especially by demanding fans of high-altitude activities such as mountaineering, drytooling or ski mountaineering. Once you experience it in action, you'll know that the development of this jacket was really thought about not only who will wear it, but also how far it can go and in what situations it will need 100% support. This is evidenced not only by the technical cut, allowing for a comfortable fit, the extended sleeves, the large hood and the many pockets, but also by features such as the detachable snow collar or the large ventilation holes in the armpits.

The hood is large enough to fit a climbing or ski helmet underneath. In addition, it is equipped with a set of elastic straps that allow you to pull it down not only so that it does not let in unpleasant external influences, but also so that it does not obstruct your view in any direction.

The shoulders and elbows are cut to allow comfortable standing, which is especially appreciated by climbers, but also by cross-country skiers and ski mountaineers. There are also ventilation holes in the armpits, also equipped with YKK waterproof zippers.

Bunda stratos petrol přední

Technical specification

Material A.C.D. membrane 3L, Nylon 6 stretch, Nylon 6.6 Stretch
Outer / inner zipper pockets 4/0
Zippers YKK Waterproof
Water colum 30000 mm H2O
Breathability 25000 g H2O/m2*24h
Hood Yes - Integrated
Snow hem Yes - Removable
Waist constriction Yes
Lower hem constriction Yes
Avilable sizes S - XXL
Weight (M) 655 g
Type Jackets
Usage Waterproof
Gender Unisex

Technology as support for performance

Laser-cut, three-layer laminate with Japanese ACD membrane, with 100% taped seams, keeps you dry whether you're exposed to rain, wind, or sweating during a strenuous climb.

Reinforcements in the shoulders, elbows and waist ensure high durability of these exposed areas and their protection against penetration by looms and harnesses.

The pockets are equipped with waterproof YKK zippers, are large enough for comfortable use with gloves on, and their location allows comfortable use even when wearing a saddlebag or backpack with a hip belt.


Summer rain or thunderstorm

The three-layer laminate with a high resilience ACD membrane boasts a water column of 30,000 mm and a breathability of 25,000 g H2O/m2.

In simple terms, this means that if you, for example, kneel down in the mud, assuming the contact area is 10 cm2, můžete vážit i 300kg a membrána neproteče.

A three-layer laminate simply means that the membrane is sandwiched between two layers of fabric - outer and inner, so that it is protected against mechanical damage on both sides.


vizualizace membránovélo laminátu

Stratos in a nutshell

  • Tightening above the waist and at the hem, which prevents unpleasant pilling
  • Snow collar that can be detached if necessary
  • Large air vents with no sole which would reduce their effectiveness
  • Large enough pockets for use with gloves
  • Large hood that fits most types of helmets

  • The hood is retractable in two directions, so it fits snugly around your head without obstructing your view
  • The pockets are positioned so that they can be used comfortably even when wearing a harness or backpack with a hip belt
  • Cut allows a high radius of hand movement
  • High neck collar keeps you safe
  • The hood straps are brought inside the jacket so they won't get in the way

Size Chart Stratos Jacket

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