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Soft Bottle Hose 500ml

Determination: Trail running, speed hiking

500ml collapsible bottle with tube and bite cap

Detailed Description

Soft Bottle Hose 500ml

Running soft bottle designed for hydration backpacks and vests. 

The bottle is equipped with a screw cap for easy filling, a tube and a mouthpiece.

The tube allows you to drink from the bottle without having to remove it from the vest pocket. The length of the tube is 250 mm including the mouthpiece.

Thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane from which it is made, it is soft and therefore very compact. The material does not contain BPA and other harmful additives.

  • tube
  • biting mouthpiece
  • screw cap for easy filling
  • volume lines of 50 ml
  • low weight
  • high packability

Hadičku lze vsunout dovnitř láhve a ušetřit tím místo

Technical specification

Material Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Volume 0.5 L
Dimensions 47 x 15 mm
Lockable valve Yes
Hose inline connection No
Bite valve cover No