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Skyline XL

Determination: Trekking, Hiking, VHT, Camping

Inflatable mat with BHB Micro insulation and integrated pump in larger version

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 709728 SKU manufacturer: 8592638709728

Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability
Repair kit included
Integrated pump
BHB Micro Insulation

Used materials

Polyester Diamond RipStop with TPU lamination
Ripstop coated polyester laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane for maximum reliability

To prevent air leakage through the top fabric of the mattress, an impermeable membrane is laminated to the polyester fabric. Laminating a continuous membrane instead of applying a coating eliminates the possibility of applying an uneven layer of coating, which could lead to the weakening of some parts and subsequent air leakage.

BHB Micro
Synthetic insulation filling, great substitution of down.

BHB Micro (Body Heat Barrier) is thermoinsulation material, which is set between the most powerful materials for extreme use. BHB Micro is being used in the highest series of the Pinguin sleeping bags, where substituted earlier used branded materials susch as PrimaLoft® Sport and Polarguard 3D®. Includeíng the BHB Micro into the collection was preceded by series of comparative measurements in the accredited testing laboratory where BHB Micro exhibited the highest values ​​of thermal resistance among all branded insulating materials.

Detailed Description

Microfiber-insulated inflatable with integrated pump

And at the same time one of the lightest and most packable - that's the Skyline XL

As the material we used proven polyester laminated with an impermeable membrane, equipped with RipStop treatment in the shape of diamonds - this increases the durability of the fabric and prevents further rippling in the event of a tear. The two valves are made of nylon and the draining one is also equipped with a silicone flap for 100% sealing.

The chambers of the mat are connected in an H shape, which does not create cold joints and at the same time prevents the air inside from swirling. In addition, BHB microfiber insulation is glued to the chambers on the inside, which significantly increases thermal comfort.

Thanks to the integrated pump, you will no longer have to struggle with inflation, no more dizziness or dizziness. Simply open the valve and after two minutes of stomping, you're ready to lie down.

karimatka Skyline XL

Technical specification

Dimensions 195 x 65 x 9 cm
Shape Rectangle
Weight 1050 g
Upper material Brushed polyester - non-slipping, TPU Lamination
Bottom material Polyester, TPU lamination
Valve DLF - Dual layer flat valve
Repair kit Yes
Carry bag Yes
Type Inflatable
Height 6 cm and more
Package Size ⌀13 x 36 cm
Estimated value of heat resistance 1.8 R

And how is it handled?

In principle, the integrated foot pump is a very simple device. It consists of a chamber made of impermeable foam, a one-way flap and a lid.

After you open the lid, the chamber fills with air. Your task is to step on the entire chamber in such a way that you close the opening with your foot and push the air out of the chamber through the flap into the mat.

Then you lift your foot so that new air from the outside enters the chamber and step down again as described above. Repeat this until the mat is inflated and then close the lid.

The last step is to make sure the silicone flap in the drain valve is tight. You do this by unscrewing the valve cover and observing the following three possibilities.

  1. You hear a short blow that suddenly stops - the flap was loose but just clicked into place and everything is OK
  2. You can't hear anything - the damper is already in place - everything is OK
  3. It can happen that the flap gets stuck and the entire mat deflates - you need to gently direct the flap into place by tapping or pressing. Repeat the whole process.


In order to prevent air leakage through the top fabric of the mattress, an impermeable membrane is laminated on the Polyester fabric. Lamination of a continuous membrane instead of applying a screed eliminates the possibility of applying an uneven layer of screed in places with material irregularities. This can lead to the application of an insufficient coating layer and air leakage in such affected areas. The use of PU foam with a thermally laminated membrane (TPU) is the highest quality material combination on the current market.

H komory - grafické znázornění

"H" Chamber shape

The upper and lower fabrics are not connected directly, which would create cold joints, instead they are connected by means of a partition that holds the shape and at the same time allows for perfect thermal insulation.

In addition, a thin layer of BHB Micro insulation is attached to the inside of the chambers, which maximizes the insulation effect while having almost no effect on weight and packability.