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Determination: Trekking, VHT, Winter sports

Waterproof sleeves with a three-layer membrane made of Cordura material

The following types of product are available:

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Product code: 524499 SKU manufacturer: 8592638524499

Used materials

A.C.D. Membrane 3L
Water column: 30 000mm Vapor permeability: 25 000g H2O / 24h

So-called three-layer laminate, in which the following three layers are laminated: topsheet, A.C.D. and bottom diaphragm protection. The material thus obtained is intended for extreme wear, can withstand even higher water pressure while maintaining the vapor permeability of the two-layer membrane.

Detailed Description


Waterproof breathable sleeves

Tourist membrane  gaiters  Gaiters fit you perfectly thanks to the anatomical cut. The upper part is made of three-layer ACD laminate with water resistance of 20 000mm water column and breathability of 25 000g H2O/24h, the part covering the shoes is made of resistant and durable Cordura 1000D material with PU coating. 

We now also offer replacement straps for gaiters: Gaiters Hypalon Straps

The size of the sleeve is not determined by the size of the shoe, but by the circumference of the calf.

  • S/M: 42cm | height: 34cm
  • L/XL: 45cm | height: 37.5cm

Gaiters - návlek na botě

Technical specification

Material Cordura, A.C.D. Membrane, PU coating
Water colum 20000 mm H2O
Breathability 25000 g H2O/m2*24h
Avilable sizes S/M - L/XL

Detailed description

Penguin Gaiters are unzipped along the entire length with a 35mm wide Velcro fastener located in the front. There is also a strong and large hook at the bottom of the front, which can be used to hold the thread by the lacing. A 15 mm wide strap made of Hypalon material is used to tighten and fasten under the shoe. The strap can be threaded on each side and the other ends can be tucked behind the eyelets so that the overhanging strap does not get in the way. In the upper part there is a strap with a buckle that fixes the sleeve over the calf. After putting it on, adjust the strap to the desired length so that the sleeve holds but does not slide down

  • Calf part made of 3-layer laminate with water resistance of 20,000 mm water column  and breathability of 25,000 g H2O/24 h.
  • The part covering the shoes is made of very resistant and durable Cordura 1000D material with PU coating.
  • Opening of sleeves with a Velcro strip in the front.
  • Metal hook for attaching to shoe laces.
  • Strap under the shoe made of durable Hypalon material.
  • The circumference of the sleeve is adjustable in the upper part with a strap with a Duraflex buckle.