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Furniture set

Determination: Camping, Caravaning, Festivals

Set of a large table and four chairs collapsible into one unit

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 621006 SKU manufacturer: 8592638621006

Main advantages

Low weight
Good stability
Great poackability

Detailed Description

Furniture Set

Camping set for four people including a table (Table XL) and four chairs (Jack Stool) at a discounted price.

The table top is made of two wood fiber boards (sololith) on which a plastic foil is laminated. The perimeter of the board is reinforced with an aluminum profile.

The legs are made of aluminum tubes with diameters of 22 and 25 mm.

The chairs are made of aluminum tubes with a diameter of 22 mm and polyester fabric.

The table is equipped with a handle for convenient carrying. After packing, all four chairs fit inside the table, and thanks to the holder, the whole set can be conveniently transported.


Kempingový stůl Pinguin Furniture Set

Technical specification

Dimensions 120 x 60 x 70 cm (table), 33 x 30 x 34 cm (stools)
Weight 7100 g
Type Tables
Package Size 60 x 60 x 7,5 cm
Construction type aluminium tubes ⌀25mm a ⌀22mm, fibreboard eith lamination, aluminium profile, polyester textile
Loading capacity 30 kg (table), 100 kg (stools)