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Fluidum Jacket

Determination: VHT, Winter sports, Expeditions

Insulated jacket that can be fitted under membrane jackets

The following types of product are available:

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Product code: 448313 SKU manufacturer: 8592638448313

Main advantages

Wearable in Parker and Alpin jackets
Double sided
Thermal insulation with BHB Micro
Low weight
Waterproof thanks to siliconisation
Tightening at the bottom hem

Used materials

YKK Zippers
High quality Japan zippers

The zippers of the well-known Japanese manufacturer, which is one of the best zipper manufacturer in the world. The zippers of this brand guarantee quality, long lifespan and reliability. Components of small dimensions, but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is often a condition of the function and usability of the whole product.

BHB Micro
Synthetic insulation filling, great substitution of down.

BHB Micro (Body Heat Barrier) is thermoinsulation material, which is set between the most powerful materials for extreme use. BHB Micro is being used in the highest series of the Pinguin sleeping bags, where substituted earlier used branded materials susch as PrimaLoft® Sport and Polarguard 3D®. Includeíng the BHB Micro into the collection was preceded by series of comparative measurements in the accredited testing laboratory where BHB Micro exhibited the highest values ​​of thermal resistance among all branded insulating materials.

Detailed Description

When layering is not enough

If you own a membrane jacket, you know that it can be worn all year round. But what happens when winter temperatures drop well below freezing and even a warm jumper is no longer enough? We’ve got a solution.

Fluidum is a jacket designed as an insulated bottom layer under membrane clothing. It can be fitted under Alpin and Parker jackets that have extra zips for this purpose; you will have to put them on separately for any other jackets.

It can also be worn separately, in which case you will appreciate the siliconized outer fabric, which guarantees high water repellency. On top of this, the Fluidum jacket is reversible, which means it can be worn with the colour that suits you on the outside.

There are pockets for your hands on both sides, although they are separated from each other. There is also a breast pocket and a flap under the main zip on the side considered to be the inner side, so that there is no airleak.

bunda Fluidum, petrol, zepředu

Technical specification

Outer / inner zipper pockets 2/3
Zippers YKK
Hood No
Snow hem No
Waist constriction No
Lower hem constriction Yes
Avilable sizes S - XXL
Type Jackets
Usage Insulated
Gender Unisex

voděodolnost silikonizované textilie

Technology supporting performance

Siliconization of the outer fabric means the Fluidum is highly water resistant. BHB Micro is a very lightweight, soft, breathable, highly compressible synthetic microfiber. Easy to maintain, washable, it dries in an instant.

Siliconized fibres repel water and, thanks to their density, form a barrier that partially protects the wearer from moisture and keeps them dry and warm even in extreme conditions.

BHB Micro is a highly successful substitute for down, unlike down it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Quick summary

  • Can be fitted under Alpin and Parker jackets
  • Highly breathable, yet wind resistant
  • YKK main zip with inner flap
  • BHB Micro synthetic thermal insulation
  • Can be worn both inside out and right side out
  • Siliconized fabric for high water repellency
  • Elastic cinch cord on the bottom hem
  • Elastic pull tabs in pockets