Explorer 75 2019

Determination: Multi-day trekking, camping, outdoor stay

Two-compartment backpack with adjustable backrest created for outdoor recreation, camping or multi-day trekking.

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Main advantages

Ability to make a hip bag out of backpack lid and hip belt
Adjustable back system
Camel bag pocket
Compression straps
Walking sticks straps

Used materials

High performance and long lifetime fabric

High performance and long lifetime fabric

YKK Zippers
High quality Japan zippers

The zippers of the well-known Japanese manufacturer, which is one of the best zipper manufacturer in the world. The zippers of this brand guarantee quality, long lifespan and reliability. Components of small dimensions, but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is often a condition of the function and usability of the whole product.

Spony Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access
For easy handling with gloves

Detailed Description

Multi-day backpack

The name of the backpack itself shows that the backpack has a capacity of 75 liters. These are divided into two main chambers and a backpack lid. This is a large expedition backpack, designed especially for mountain crossings and other to long-term stays outside of civilization. Developers have put their emphasis on practicality and robustness, so all its’ straps are fitted with Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access, providing durability, long-life, reliability and comfortable glove handling.

Explorer 60, zelený, čelo

Technical specification

Material HICOR 3.0 RS; HICOR 6.0; Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access Buckles
Volume 75 L
Weight 2.35 kg
Amount of compartments 2
Outer / inner zipper pockets 4/1
Adjustable shoulder straps Yes
Detachable hip belt Yes
Integrated raincover Yes
Camel bag - ready Yes
Back system Adjustable Back System
Zippers YKK
Dimensions 87 x 32 x 31 cm
Volume 51L and bigger
Special ability Lid usable as Hipbag

Explorer 60, zelený, záda

More information

At the bottom of the backpack, there are loops for trekking sticks or ice-axes. The entrance to the lower chamber is fitted with two support straps with buckles. On the sides there are stretch pockets, containing a strap to the waist belt. Vertical lamellar pockets above them are outside the main chamber, saving more space. Besides these pockets, there are side entrances to the main compartment, which are crossed by two straps with buckles for additional cargo.

At their ends there are four grommets on the front of the backpack to hold additional straps. On the front of the backpack there is a web of elastic and handle for better manipulation.

In the upper part there is a lid of the backpack, at the top of which are another four grommets, in the back there is a large pocket for the equipment. Below it is a raincoat that can be unbuttoned. The lower part of the lid is provided with a pocket for the flat parts of the equipment. The upper chamber opening is equipped with two cords with brakes and s strap with a buckle for a climbing rope. Inside the upper chamber, there is a hydro-bag pocket and three duralumin removable reinforcements.

Another valuable feature of Explorer is the ability to adjust the height in a few simple steps, as described below, and many of you will also appreciate the opportunity to create a lumbar pack with a combination of removable waist belt and backpack lid. See also some paragraphs below for instructions.


  • Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access buckles for quick and easy manipulation, even in gloves
  • Integrated detachable raincover
  • Separate cymel-bag pocket, including velcro straps for hanging, holes and rubber straps on shoulder straps to hold the hose
  • Removable duraluminium reinforcements
  • Lamellar side pockets that do not occupies the space of the main chamber
  • Side enterance into the the chamber on both sides of the backpack

  • Detachable velcro straps to hold the trekking poles with reflective prints
  • Adjustable height of the chest strap
  • Adjustable height of the cover
  • Partition between the chambers, handled through lace with brake
  • Removable hip belt
  • Adjustable height of shoulder straps
  • Ability to create a hip bag combining the cover of the backpack and hip belt
  • Number of grommets for additional straps.

Instructions for assembly the hip bag from the lid of the backpack and the hip belt

Warning: We can not take the reassemling of the backpack as a warranity complaint.

  1. Pull the rope strap from the lid of the backpack
  2. Separate the lid from the rest of the backpack by:
    • Unfold the free ends of the strips
    • Detach the velcro
    • Pull the free ends of the straps out of the buckle
  3. In the same way as (2.) pull the straps from the hip belt. The buckles are located in the side pockets
  4. The hip belt is secured by the lining that is attached on top by a velcro fastener with the back system, open it and pull out the lining
  5. Lift down the waist belt from the dural reinforcements
  6. Remove the D mesh lining to access the velcro
  7. Using a velcro, fasten the hip belt with the lid of the backpack
  8. Belts that were originally holding the hip belt at the backpack, pass through the buckles located in the bottom of the lid of the backpack under the hem
  9. Tighten all the straps and adjust the free ends

ABS settings instructions

  1. Consider whether the problem is to remove the vertical back reinforcements, all the manipulation is much easier without them
  2. Maximally loosen the straps leading from the shoulders belts to the upper back of the backpack
  3. Unfold the velcro strap with the ABS patch that is located between the shoulder straps down and the other upwards
  4. Pull these straps from the ladder.
  • The ladder is meant a series of horizontal straps between the shoulders
  1. Push the tapes back under the ladder in the choosen place.
  2. Reconnect the Velcro straps and tighten the straps from the step 
  3. Test the comfort with roughly the same load you plan to carry while hiking.