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Bottle L

Determination: Trekking, Hiking, Alpine tourism, Camping

Single wall, 1 litre stainless steel bottle


Bottle L na písku

Main advantages

Low weight
Unbreakable bottle
Two different seals

Used materials

Stainless steel
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Stainless steel 18/8, certified for use in gastronomy.

Detailed Description

Bottle L

Unbreakable 1000 ml single wall stainless steel bottle with screw cap.

The bottle is compatible with most bike bottle holders.

Made of food grade steel containing 16-18% chromium and 10-14% nickel. Highly corrosion-resistant.

The bottle has two different caps, both made of non-toxic polypropylene (PP) and silicone.

The bottle can be inserted into a Alu Mug and a Steel Mug thereby saving space when packing.

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Technical specification

Material Stainless steel 18/8, polypropylene, silicon
Volume 1 L
Dimensions ⌀78 x 312 mm
Inlet diameter 43 mm
Weight 214 g
Content of the set
Accessories Second cap with cyclo-mouth

Cyklo náustek

Cycling mouthpiece

We also supply the bottle with a cap that has a mouthpiece known from cycling bottles.

This cap includes a lid to protect the mouthpiece from mechanical damage and dirt.

The lid and mouthpiece are made of polypropylene (BPA-free). The seal is silicone

Screw cap

The cap has a lug for attaching a carabiner/hanger.

The thread is interrupted on two sides - making it unnecessary to completely unscrew the cap to pour.

The cap is made of BPA-free polypropylene, the seal is silicone.

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