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Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability
Repair kit included
Integrated pump
BHB Micro Insulation

Used materials

BHB Micro
Synthetic insulation filling, great substitution of down.

BHB Micro (Body Heat Barrier) is thermoinsulation material, which is set between the most powerful materials for extreme use. BHB Micro is being used in the highest series of the Pinguin sleeping bags, where substituted earlier used branded materials susch as PrimaLoft® Sport and Polarguard 3D®. Includeíng the BHB Micro into the collection was preceded by series of comparative measurements in the accredited testing laboratory where BHB Micro exhibited the highest values ​​of thermal resistance among all branded insulating materials.

Detailed Description

Technical specification

Shape Rectangle
Weight 880 g
Upper material Polyester Diamond RipStop, TPU Lamination
Bottom material Polyester Diamond RipStop, TPU Lamination
Repair kit Yes
Carry bag Yes
Type Inflatable
Height 6 cm and more
Package Size ⌀13 x 32 cm
Estimated value of heat resistance 1.8 R