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Table L

Determination: Camping, Caravaning, Festivals

Lightweight and very compact camping table for four people

Main advantages

Low weight
Good stability
Great poackability

Detailed Description

Table L

Very compact camping table ideal for four people. Load capacity 30 kg.

The table top is made of aluminum profiles tied with elastic bands, the legs are square aluminum tubes with a side of 25 mm, one of which is height adjustable. The connecting parts are made of strong and tough plastic.

We also supply a polyester transport cover for the table, which is provided with a PU coating on the inside.


Kempingový stůl Pinguin Table L

Technical specification

Dimensions 110 x 70 x 70 cm
Weight 5050 g
Type Tables
Package Size 110 x 15 x 12 cm
Construction type Aluminium tube ⌀16mm, aluminium profile 53 x 10 x 600 mm
Loading capacity 30 kg