Ridge 40 2019

Determination: Splitboarding, Ski Mountaineering, Freeride

One compartment backpack designed for a wide range of winter activities

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Main advantages

Hipbelt is removable
It's possible to equip with the back protector
Attaching ski or snowboard
Rear entrance
Pockets for avalanche safety gear

Used materials

High performance and long lifetime fabric

High performance and long lifetime fabric

Spony Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access
For easy handling with gloves
Massive reversed YKK zippers
size #8

Detailed Description

Well thought out in every detail

Back entry backpack designed especially for winter activities such as skitouring, splitboarding and snowshoeing.

Back system is made of 3D mesh that will allow you to use your backpack all year round. Spacious front pocket for storage and easy access to avalanche equipment. Loops that can be hidden for attaching ice axes or trekking poles at the bottom, attaching skis of any width on the sides of the backpack or snowboard or snowshoes on its front. Zipped pockets on the waist belt are suitable for small items. 

Smart Storage

Spacious zippered pocket at the top of the backpack with a separate zippered pocket for documents. Raincoat in distinctive color with a large reflective print in a separate zipper pocket at the bottom of the backpack. Flat map side pockets.

Technical specification

Material HICOR 3.0 RS; HICOR 6.0; Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access Buckles
Volume 40 L
Weight 1.54 kg
Amount of compartments 1
Outer / inner zipper pockets 4/1
Adjustable shoulder straps Yes
Detachable hip belt Yes
Integrated raincover Yes
Camel bag - ready Yes
Back system 3D Mesh Back System
Zippers YKK
Dimensions 67 x 32 x 26 cm
Volume 31L - 50L

Entering the backpack even in an unfavorable situation

The rear entrance to the backpack allows you to comfortable opening and entry into the main compartment without the backpack having to be placed in the snow. This will avoid sticking snow and dirt on the 3D back system fabric pillows.

The position of the upper handle allows entry into the main compartment of the backpack without having to be removed from the back, just turn the backpack from the back to the front (without opening the waist belt) and then open the zipper of the main compartment - this tilts forward depending on the zip opening.

Another advantage of this placement of the loop is appreciated by climbers, the backpack can be clipped to the rope facing the rock while maintaining access to the main chamber.

Practical advantages

  • Possibility of hiding the flaps for ice axes and trekking poles
  • Zipper pockets on the waist belt for small items
  • Lightweight Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access buckles for very easy glove handling. Double inner buckle partition for higher strength.
  • Spacious front pocket for avalanche equipment with elastic loops for its attachment and a hole in its lower part for draining of dissolved snow.
  • Possibility to adjust the height of the upper stick and ice ax holders   material Hypalon by sliding it into any chain eye.
  • Sufficiently spacious central opening at the top of the back system for easy threading of the insulated Camelbag hose with any tip (including cranked or capped).

Other key benefits

  • Inner pocket for Camelbag, velcro straps on the top for easy hanging.
  • Back system reinforced with tough Polypropylene plate with removable profiled duralumin reinforcement.
  • YKK-style massive reverse # 8 zippers are used on the backpack.
  • The bottom, sides and back system of the backpack is made of very strong HICOR 6.0. The front of the backpack, shoulder straps and waist belt is made of a lighter, yet very strong, rip stop of HICOR 4.5 RS.
  • Raincoat in distinctive color with a large reflective print and reflective print at the bottom of the backpack for visibility in bad weather conditions and in the dark.
  • Velcro system at the end of all straps   to fix the excess strap length after adjusting it to the backpack user.
  • Distinctive lining inside the backpack and its pockets for easy orientation inside.