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Raincover XL

Determination: Hiking, Trekking, VHT

Universal rain cover for large backpacks 75-100L

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 356496 SKU manufacturer: 8592638356496

Used materials

Rain fly - PU coating
Provides water resistance up to 4000mm

PU coating

It is a thin waterproof polyurethane layer applied several times on the inside of the tropic.Depending on the number of layers of coating, the tropic is resistant to water pressure up to 4000mm (Extreme and Hiking series), 3000mm (Trekking and Family series) and 2500mm (Outdoor series). The coating retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures well below freezing.

Detailed Description

Raincover XL

Universal rain cover for backpacks with a capacity of 75 to 100 L, made of Polyester with PU coating, which gives it a water column of 1,500mm.

  • Fastening to the backpack by means of a spring with brake
  • Secured by a spring loaded waist strap
  • Features a large reflective print for added safety
  • Compact carrying case
  • Seamless construction

Raicover khaki - uchacení pomocí pruženky

Technical specification

Material Polyester, PU coating
Volume 100 L
Weight 142 g
Carry bag Yes
Package Size ⌀80 x 155 mm