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Quadri X

Determination: Trekking, Hiking, VHT, Camping

Crockery set with heat exchanger for three to five people

Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability
High efficiency

Used materials

Hard Anodized Aluminium
Lightweight and high quality material with a surface treated with electrolytic oxidation, which increases its abrasion resistance and fire resistance.

The formed oxide layer improves the functional properties of the underlying alloy, especially increasing the corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance of the anodized parts. Anodizing is environmentally friendly because the oxidation process is an enhancement of the natural oxidation of aluminum, so it does not produce heavy metals or other harmful and dangerous by-products.

Detailed Description

Quadri X

Two pots with two lids, the larger of which is equipped with a heat exchanger. The set is made of aluminum with an anodized surface. The folding handles are made of steel wire, equipped with a silicone heat-resistant tube.

Anodizing (also Anodizing) creates a very strong and hard layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the material, which prevents further oxidation, increases the strength of the material and its resistance to abrasion.

The heat exchanger captures the heat produced by the stove, which would otherwise "flow around" the container, thus saving up to 30% of fuel.


Nádobí Quadri X složené

Technical specification

Material Anodized aluminium
Weight 671 g
Carry bag Yes
Pieces in set 4 ks
Number of people 3 - 5
Content of the set
Pot *1100ml / 845ml / ⌀136 x 78mm / 146g
Lid *375ml / 152ml / ⌀152 x 43mm / 111g
Pot *1750ml / 1375ml / ⌀170 x 115mm / 245g
Lid *800ml / 500ml / ⌀170 x 46mm / 169g

Nádobí Quadri X princip složení

Something extra

The total volume of the large pot is 1750ml, of which 1500ml is actually usable. On the inside of the pot, volume lines with a resolution of 500 ml are marked.

The volume of the small pot is 1100ml, of which 900ml is usable. Lines from the inside have a resolution of 300 ml.

The trays can be used as pans. Their volumes are 800ml, 600ml total and 500ml, 375ml usable.

The small pot can comfortably carry a 230g cartridge, a small gas cooker, a tea towel and a dish sponge. This accessory is not included in the package.

The set is delivered in a mesh transport package.