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Pocket Chair

Determination: Trekking, Camping, Caravaning, Festivals, Fishing

Lightweight and very compact folding camping chairsleeping table for four people

The following types of product are available:

Product code: 659054 SKU manufacturer: 8592638659054

Main advantages

Low weight
Good stability
Great poackability

Used materials


Lightweight and solid polyester flysheet fabric has high resistance to UV, does not age and retains its properties during prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat

Hard Anodized Aluminium
Lightweight and high quality material with a surface treated with electrolytic oxidation, which increases its abrasion resistance and fire resistance.

The formed oxide layer improves the functional properties of the underlying alloy, especially increasing the corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance of the anodized parts. Anodizing is environmentally friendly because the oxidation process is an enhancement of the natural oxidation of aluminum, so it does not produce heavy metals or other harmful and dangerous by-products.

Detailed Description

Pocket Chair

Foldable camping chair whose dimensions after packing are only ⌀10 x 34.5 cm, which significantly increases the radius of use.

Pocket Chair is made up of eleven aluminum tubes with a diameter of 13 mm, which are connected to each other by an elastic band, similar to tent poles. When folded, these are inserted into the connecting parts made of solid plastic, and the chair cover, made of Polyester with Rip-Stop treatment, is then put over the top four ends.


Kempingová židlička Pocket Chair

Technical specification

Dimensions 54 x 30 x 48 / 68 cm (sitting part / back)
Weight 565 g
Type Chairs
Package Size ⌀10 x 34,5 cm
Construction type Anodized aluminium tubes ⌀14mm, Polyester Rip-Stop textile
Loading capacity 100 kg