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Nomad 50 Double

Determination: Kemping, Caravaning

Double mat 5 cm high

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 707489 SKU manufacturer: 8592638707489

Main advantages

Mat for two
Non-slip surface
Repair kit included
Two nylon valves

Used materials

Brushed polyester - non-skid, TPU Lamination
Brushed polyester laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane membrane for maximum reliability

To prevent air leakage through the top fabric of the mattress, an impermeable membrane is laminated to the polyester fabric. Laminating a continuous membrane instead of applying a coating eliminates the possibility of applying an uneven layer of coating, which could lead to the weakening of some parts and subsequent air leakage.

The brushed polyester gives a nice soft feel and prevents bunching.

Detailed Description

A couple is more than two

We've all seen plenty of jokes about women's tendency to take up most of the bed, so why can't you outdoor enthusiasts give it a try?

Five numbers of full foam in the dimensions of a small "airport" will provide you and your significant other with maximum comfort, not to mention thermal insulation. In addition, the surface is made of brushed polyester, which prevents the sleeping bag from rubbing against the mat and is very pleasant to the touch.

As we are advocates of equal partnership, we equipped this mat with two nylon valves, so you don't have to spend a long time deciding whose turn it is to inflate. On the other hand, the mattress is not divided into multiple chambers, so men can help their partners a lot.

If we leave aside the classic use, it can also be used as a soft play mat for your little ones.


Karimatka Nomad 50 šedá

Technical specification

Dimensions 198 x 130 x 5 cm
Shape Rectangle
Weight 3140 g
Foam construction Solid foam with egg-wave-egg shaped surface
Foam Polyurethane
Upper material Brushed polyester - non-slipping, TPU Lamination
Bottom material Polyester, TPU lamination
Valve Nylon, 2x
Repair kit Yes
Carry bag Yes
Type Self-inflating
Height 3 – 5 cm
Package Size ⌀23 x 65 cm
Estimated value of heat resistance 5.8 R


In order to prevent air leakage through the top fabric of the mattress, an impermeable membrane is laminated on the Polyester fabric. Lamination of a continuous membrane instead of applying a screed eliminates the possibility of applying an uneven layer of screed in places with material irregularities. This can lead to the application of an insufficient coating layer and air leakage in such affected areas. The use of PU foam with a thermally laminated membrane (TPU) is the highest quality material combination on the current market.


The core of every self-inflating mattress is the inner foam. Pinguin mattresses are filled with Polyurethane foam, the open pores of which retain air and thus give it excellent insulating properties. The foam has a very good shape memory, which contributes to its quick inflation and does not sag even after years of frequent use.


We purposefully use Nylon valves on our mats. The reason for their use instead of brass valves is their 100% tightness caused by the partial flexibility of the material, low weight and increased resistance to freezing. The nylon used on the valves is sufficiently strong and tough.

tvarovaná plná pěna - grafické znázornění


Full foam

Full foam without relief is the most comfortable construction with the best insulating properties, but at the cost of high weight and poorer packability. Mats with this type of construction are year-round, but due to their heavy weight, they are not very suitable for hiking.