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Mug Titan 1100 ml

Determination: Trekking, Hiking, VHT, Camping

Lightweight titanium pot with 1100 ml capacity

Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability

Used materials

Very light and strong material used mainly in the aviation industry and in the healthcare sector.
Silicone wrap around handles

Thanks to its properties, especially its heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, silicone is the ideal material for handles and grips of camping utensils.

Detailed Description

Mug Titan 1100 ml

The basis for the TITANIUM range of pots is high quality titanium, which gives them an unrivalled strength to weight ratio compared to any other metal. Titanium is as strong as steel, twice as strong as aluminium, corrosion resistant, biocompatible, flexible and extremely lightweight. There are no chemicals or materials present in the material used that increase health or safety risks.

The large version of the titanium pot is suitable for two people using additional bowls for their own portions. The pot ideally fits a 230g cartridge with the cooker and sponge, so you'll have all your cooking in one place.

The lid is perforated so it won't pop off when boiling and can be used to strain water.

  • Foldable "D" handles
  • Silicone coating on handles and grips
  • Volumetric grooves
  • Sandblasted finish
  • Holds a 110g or 230g gas cartridge and gas stove
  • We use the highest quality GR 1 titanium

Mug titan 1100 ml s kartuší

Technical specification

Material Titan GR 1
Dimensions ⌀125 x 80 mm
Weight 144 g
Carry bag Yes
Pieces in set 2 ks
Number of people 1 - 2
Volume total / usable *1100 / 900 ml
0,4 mm
Content of the set
Lid *-- ml / -- ml / ⌀125 x 8 mm / 26 g

Mug titan 1100ml - objemové rysky

Something more

The total volume of the pot is 1100ml, of which 900ml is actually usable. On the inside of the pot are marked volume lines with a resolution of 300ml.

The pot can conveniently carry a 110g or 230g cartridge, a small gas cooker, a tea towel and a dish sponge. These accessories are not included.

For fans of ultralight, it is also possible to remove the silicone tabs from the handles and save a few grams.

The pot comes in a mesh shipping bag.