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Mantis Titan

Determination: Hiking, VHT, Kemping

Light free standing titanium gas stove

Main advantages

Low weight
Great poackability
Suitable for bigger pots
Three - years guarantee

Used materials

Very light and strong material used mainly in the aviation industry and in the healthcare sector.

Detailed Description

Mantis Titan

Thanks to the use of titanium, as the name of the cooker already suggests, a weight of only 98g was achieved.

The wide base and low profile guarantee high stability during cooking, and the diameter of the supports 5-14cm allows the use of medium-sized and large containers. For example, we recommend Quadri dishes.

vařič mantis titan rozložený, polodetail

Technical specification

Material Titan, Aluminium
Weight 98 g
Carry bag Yes
Fuel Gas
Connection type Independent
Preheater No
Piezo igniter No
Power 3000 W
Lee No

Vařič Mantis sklopený


Foldable legs and arms allow the Mantis stove to be folded into the supplied bag made of 3D mesh fabric and thus save space in your backpack.

A wide burner with a power of 3000W, also made of titanium, spreads the flame over the entire surface of the bottom of the pot and optimizes the efficiency of the cooker.

Connecting the cooker to the cartridge with a steel-braided tube makes it possible to use the cartridge until the last residue.


  • Uses screw cartridges with EN 417 thread
  • Separate standing - higher stability, possibility of full use of the cartridge
  • Weight: 98g

Vařič mantis zapojený

  • A wide burner with high power perfectly spreads the flame
  • Folding legs and arms
  • Supplied 3D mesh transport case
  • Input 3000W
  • Made of light and strong titanium alloy

Download files

  • (Last update 19.06.2024)