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Liner Blanket

Determination: Hygienic insert in the sleeping bag that increases the comfort of the user

Hygienic sleeping bag insert made of brushed polyester, increasing user comfort and extending the life of the sleeping bag

Main advantages

Brushed fabric pleasant to touch
Circumferently adjustable hood
Increases the life of the sleeping bag
Easy maintenance

Used materials

Polyester Micro Lite
Brushed polyester pleasant to the touch

Thanks to the Micro lite treatment, this fabric is very pleasant to the touch, almost to the point of giving the impression of cotton. In contrast, it dries much better, lasts longer and is much lighter.

Detailed Description

Liner Blanket

Thanks to the brushed polyester, the insert is very pleasant to the touch and feels like cotton.

The Liner Blanket is designed for blanket sleeping bags, but cannot be unzipped along its entire length to make a wide blanket. On the other hand, it is double-sided, so it can be used with both the left and right fastening of the sleeping bag.

The insert catches most dirt (bodily and brought in) and can be easily washed in the washing machine - thus protecting the sleeping bag itself, which is more difficult to maintain.

Increases the thermal comfort of the sleeping bag by up to 2°C.


Vložka do spacáku Liner Blanket uvnitř spacáku Lava 350

Technical specification

Inner material Nylon, 2x
User's height 190 cm
Width (max/min) 85 cm
Connectability (L+R) No
Packed / compressed dimensions Ø 10 x 17 cm
Shape Blanket
Weight 450 g
Type Men (185 - 205 cm)