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Determination: Hiking, Trekking

Folding foam mattress

Main advantages

Low weight
Non-slip surface
High reliability

Used materials

Radiation cross-linked polyethylene

IXPE foam is made by high-energy cross-linking technology of polyethylene. The result is a tough, durable foam material with long life, high thermal resistance and a smooth, non-absorbent surface.

Detailed Description


Very lightweight (340g) foam folding mattress.Thanks to the corrugation of the surface of the mattress, greater comfort is achieved with a lower weight of the mattress.

The fact that the deformations of the mattress fit together also saves on size when folded, although it is still quite large. On the other hand, due to its weight and moisture resistance, it's no problem to clip it anywhere on the outside of your pack, so its volume doesn't limit you.

Since the mattress does not inflate, it is not prone to tears, burns or punctures, respectively, these damages will not affect the quality of your sleep.

No need to explain it to the golden hands of time, but in addition to its normal use, this mattress can also be used as a seat cushion (folded or semi-folded), a moisture wicking seat pad, or a shortened mattress with its own cushion.

KArimatka Pinguin Fold

Technical specification

Dimensions 185 x 55 x 1,5 cm
Shape Rectangle
Weight 340 g
Type Foam
Height to 3 cm
Package Size 55 x 13 x 13 cm
Estimated value of heat resistance 1.7 R

Karimatka Fold - sbalená


IXPE (radiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam is produced by high-energy polyethylene cross-linking technology.The result is a tough, durable foam material with long life, high thermal resistance and a smooth, non-absorbent surface.


Summary of advantages

  • Durability: cracks, cuts or burns from the embers will not affect the function of the mattress
  • Collapsibility: easy to fold, lightweight, non-absorbent
  • Easy to transport: can be easily clipped to the outside of a backpack
  • Versatility: can be used as a car mattress, a moisture pad, a low seat, a shortened mattress with cushion

Fold - klasická karimatka

Fold - karimatka s polštářem

Fold - sedátko