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Expert CCS

Determination: Alpine tourism, Expeditions

Highly packable winter sleeping bag for extreme conditions

The following types of product are available:

Zipper side:
In stock
Product code: 233780 SKU manufacturer: 8592638233780

Main advantages

Great poackability
Low weight
Possibility to connect L+R

Used materials

YKK Zippers
High quality Japan zippers

The zippers of the well-known Japanese manufacturer, which is one of the best zipper manufacturer in the world. The zippers of this brand guarantee quality, long lifespan and reliability. Components of small dimensions, but of great importance, because their trouble-free functionality is often a condition of the function and usability of the whole product.

BHB Micro
Synthetic insulation filling, great substitution of down.

BHB Micro (Body Heat Barrier) is thermoinsulation material, which is set between the most powerful materials for extreme use. BHB Micro is being used in the highest series of the Pinguin sleeping bags, where substituted earlier used branded materials susch as PrimaLoft® Sport and Polarguard 3D®. Includeíng the BHB Micro into the collection was preceded by series of comparative measurements in the accredited testing laboratory where BHB Micro exhibited the highest values ​​of thermal resistance among all branded insulating materials.

Nylon Ultralight DWR
Very light and sturdy nylon txtile with DWR waterresistant modification

Detailed Description

For those who love winter

But the Expert was not developed solely for them. It’s a synthetic winter sleeping bag designed for very cold weather, so it won’t let you down, whether you're climbing alpine peaks or getting away from it all in January. We know full well that the legs are the first to get cold, so we adapted the Expert‘s design so that the zip is shortened and ends about mid-thigh, whereby we could cram more insulation into the side instead of a zip.

The three-layer construction of the BHB Micro filling ensures you stay warm and comfy at all times, while also ensuring a good weight and packability enhanced by the compression pack it comes with.

Spacák Expert CCS

Technical specification

Weight 2.1 kg
Zippers YKK
Insulation technology Synthetic - BHB Micro
Insulation BHB Micro 400g/m2
Insulation thickness Three-layer
Outer material Nylon Ultralight Ripstop DWR CCS
Inner material Polyester Micro
User's height 175/185/195
Width (max/min) 85/55 cm
Packed volume 27 L
Kompressed volume 17.5 L
Connectability (L+R) Yes
Packed / compressed dimensions Ø26 x 51/33 cm
Shape Mummy
Type Men (185 - 205 cm)
Season Winter
Comfort -8 °C
Limit -16 °C
Extreme -36 °C

Topas - vnitřní léga zipu

To keep out the cold

We are fully aware that cold is the number one enemy of sleep, so we fight it every way we can. Naturally, the zip is double-sided and can be opened/closed from both the inside and the outside. In addition, it has a flap on the inside, which effectively prevents air from penetrating inside. It is also padded, so if you sleep on the zip you won’t feel like the princess and the pea. There is a draft collar just behind the head opening. When tightened, it keeps the heat inside the sleeping bag very efficiently and prevents the user from breathing vapour into the sleeping bag.

It may seem trivial, but who takes clothes pegs into the great outdoors? That’s why we’ve given our sleeping bags two loops to make them easier to hang and dry faster.

Singles and couples

Thanks to the left or righthand side zip, it is possible to join two Experts together, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by couples in love. This feature also significantly increases thermal comfort.

Topas CCS - spojitelnost spacáků

třívrstvá šindelová termoizolace

BHB Micro three-layer shingle thermal insulation

Three-layer shingle insulation is a combination of two continuous layers of fleece with overlapping shingles between them. The effect of this is that part of the sleeping bag has three layers and part has, de facto, four - these parts alternate - which helps create a more efficient loft and thus increases the sleeping bag’s insulating properties.