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Compact FL Foam

Determination: Trekking, Trail running, Hiking, Alpine tourism

Folding and thus highly packable three-piece trekking poles for year-round use

Price per pair

Hole Compact složené

Main advantages

Great poackability

Used materials

Hard Anodized Aluminium
Lightweight and high quality material with a surface treated with electrolytic oxidation, which increases its abrasion resistance and fire resistance.

The formed oxide layer improves the functional properties of the underlying alloy, especially increasing the corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance of the anodized parts. Anodizing is environmentally friendly because the oxidation process is an enhancement of the natural oxidation of aluminum, so it does not produce heavy metals or other harmful and dangerous by-products.

EVA handle
The foam, which has a closed structure that does not absorb water and has excellent dimensional stability.

In addition, it has excellent shock absorption and is UV-resistant. The extended handle allows you to find the optimal grip position in rough terrain.

Detailed Description

Compact FL Foam

The upper segment of Pinguin Compact FL Foam folding poles has an extended handle made of non-absorbent, non-slip and vibration-absorbing EVA foam. The length of the handles is what defines the poles as four-season, thanks to the ability to change grip position when traversing, while maintaining a comfortable and secure grip. The adjustable wrist straps also ensure greater comfort and safety when using the poles.

Highly packable poles thanks to the principle of folding segments. The poles can be folded down to just 36 cm, so they even fit into the Move 8, our smallest backpack.

The poles come with a pair of trekking and pair of snow baskets.

trtekové hole Compact FL Foam při použití se splitboardem

Technical specification

Material Aluminium 7075
Tube diameters 18 / 16 / 14 mm
Lenght 110 - 130 cm / 36cm
Handle EVA foam, long
Tip Tungsten carbide
Adjustable loop Yes
Lock type Fast Lock
Baskets 38 mm, 53 mm
275 g

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The individual segments of these telescopic poles are made of high-strength 7075 aluminium alloy with a larger diameters for greater rigidity; they are connected with Kevlar cord in a protective sleeve. The pole segments are color anodized. This surface treatment makes the aluminium resistant to mechanical wear and gives it greater weather resistance. The tips are made of durable tungsten carbide and rubber tip caps are included to eliminate vibration and unwanted noise on hard surfaces.

Fast Lock

The overall length of the poles can be easily, quickly and safely adjusted to 110 - 130 cm by using the Fast Lock locks with a duralumin lever located on the upper segment of the poles. The graduated markings on the upper telescopic segment of the poles also make them easy to adjust.

trekové hole Pinguin Compact FL Foam zámek a rysky

Composition / distribution of Compact poles

Push the bottom three segments together, then pull the third segment out of the fourth. You will encounter a cable resistance that needs to be slightly pre-tensioned - here you need to use a little force until the locking stop.

When unfolding the poles, do the opposite. Pressing the locking stop can be made easier if you push the third segment from the fourth at the same time.

Pole adjustment

Since we also come across situations where customers complain about something that can be easily fixed by yourself as a defect, we have made videos for you on how to handle when the pole lock is too loose or, on the contrary, so tight that the poles cannot be locked in the open position. It's all about tightening the plastic screw in the last segment of the pole.