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Product code: 254549 SKU manufacturer: 8592638254549 Code of supplier: 254549
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Used materials

Surface treatment of the material to increase its durability

DWR is a surface treatment of the material that increases its resistance to external influences such as moisture or dust.

PU coating
It causes water resistance and increases the life of the material

It is a thin water-permeable polyurethane layer applied several times on the inside of the material. Depending on the number of coatings we distinguish the resistance of the tropics to water pressure up to 4000mm.

Another reason for applying the coating is that it prevents the fibers of the fabric from fraying and increases the overall strength of the material.

The coating retains its flexibility even at very low temperatures well below freezing.

Detailed Description

Technical specification

Zippers YKK
Width (max/min) 95 / 65 cm
Packed / compressed dimensions Ø13 x 32 cm
Water colum 10000 mm H2O
Breathability 10000 g H2O/m2*24h
Shape Mummy
Weight 445 g
Upper material
Groundsheet material
Weight of duffle bag 30 g