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Determination: Camping, Caravaning

Folding bed with aluminium construction

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 634266 SKU manufacturer: 8592638634266

Main advantages

Great poackability
High strength and stability of the structure

Used materials


Lightweight and solid polyester flysheet fabric has high resistance to UV, does not age and retains its properties during prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat

Detailed Description


The Folding Bed is the right choice for all camping enthusiasts, especially due to how easily it packs away. For the best comfort, we recommend combining it with a sleeping pad.

It is made of steel (25x25mm) and aluminium tubes (32x25mm). The actual sleeping area is made of polyester fabric with a PU coating, which is stretched over the above structure. The Bed can be folded into a polyester transport pack measuring 107 x 19 x 11 cm.

Kempingová postel Bed - rozměry

Technical specification

Dimensions 210 x 80 x 49 cm
Weight 8200 g
Type Bed
Package Size 107 x 19 x 11 cm
Construction type Steel tubes 25 x 25 mm, Aluminium tubes 32 x 25 mm, Polyester textile with PU coating
Loading capacity 120 kg