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Determination: Hiking, Alpine tourism, Caravaning

The most efficient pot and stove combination

The following types of product are available:

In stock
Product code: 632057 SKU manufacturer: 8592638632057

Main advantages

Great poackability
Low weight
High efficiency
The possibility of hanging - doesn't need flat ground
Can cook up to 27 l of water with 240g cartridge
Built-in piezo lighter
Three - years guarantee

Used materials

Hard Anodized Aluminium
Lightweight and high quality material with a surface treated with electrolytic oxidation, which increases its abrasion resistance and fire resistance.

The formed oxide layer improves the functional properties of the underlying alloy, especially increasing the corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance of the anodized parts. Anodizing is environmentally friendly because the oxidation process is an enhancement of the natural oxidation of aluminum, so it does not produce heavy metals or other harmful and dangerous by-products.

Detailed Description

Efficiency is all

The Aura is the most efficient cooking system in our range. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the windshield and direct connection between the pot and stove, we have achieved an efficiency that can boil up to 27 litres of water using a small 230 g cartridge. The Aura set includes a gas stove with a standard EN417 thread, a 1 litre pot with a lid and neoprene insulation with a mesh transport pack.

Vařič aura, sbalený komplet

Technical specification

Material Stainless steel, Anodized aluminium
Weight 485 g
Carry bag Yes
Fuel Gas
Connection type To the cartridge
Preheater No
Piezo igniter Yes
Power 1150 W
Lee Yes
Number of people 1 - 2

Vařič aura v sestaveném stavu


The stove itself consists of a stainless steel burner and windshield, which connects it to the pot using a bayonet system. There is also a piezo igniter, a valve and plastic legs, so you can put the stove on the ground if necessary. The stove and a small cartridge can be placed in the pot so the whole set can be safely carried.


The pot is made of anodized aluminium. This treatment means the surface is strong, hard and abrasion resistant. The pot has graduations every 250 ml. The handle is made of stainless steel wire covered in heat-resistant silicone. It can be folded back if necessary. A heat exchanger is welded to the bottom of the pot with a windshield around it. This serves to both protect the heat exchanger and, above all, acts as a bayonet connection to the stove.

Hrnec Aura - měrky a exchanger

Vařič Aura zavěšený


The set includes a neoprene cover for the pot so you can handle it without the risk of burns. Loops are sewn on the cover, into which you can insert cutlery or a lighter, for example. A hanging strap can be attached to the cover, so that you can hang the pot with the stove and cartridge on a tree branch, for example, if there is no sufficiently flat surface available. The plastic lid is shaped so that a large 450 g cartridge can be inserted into the Aura if required. However, in this case the stove will have to be carried separately. The lid is perforated with a small hole to let out steam.

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