Attack 45 2019

Determination: Mountaineering, hiking, ski touring

Two-chamber climbing backpack

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Main advantages

Ability to make a hip bag out of backpack lid and hip belt
Hipbelt is removable
Attaching ski or snowboard
Camel bag pocket
Removable back support

Used materials

High performance and long lifetime fabric

High performance and long lifetime fabric

Spony Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access
For easy handling with gloves
Massive reversed YKK zippers
size #8

Detailed Description

Universal winter partner

The two-chamber Attack 45 is the right choice for all active winter enthusiasts. Especially skialpinists and ice-climbers will find it very useful.

Thanks to the reinforced loops, you can easily attach a ski or snowboard to it. You can also attach a rope under the lid and sports ice axes can be clamped into the innovated straps.

Another practical element is also the partition inside the backpack, dividing the backpack into two separate chambers. The partition is controlled by a lace with a brake so you can choose one or two chambers.

The lower chamber can be accessed through a large opening at the bottom of the backpack with with YKK zipper, which is also secured with a buckle. The upper chamber is provided with a standard opening under the lid of the backpack and a vertical zip opening on the right side can also be used.


Attack 45, zelený, čelo

Technical specification

Material HICOR 3.0 RS; HICOR 6.0; Duraflex X-Lite Easy Access Buckles
Volume 45 L
Weight 1.75 kg
Amount of compartments 2
Outer / inner zipper pockets 1/1
Adjustable shoulder straps Yes
Detachable hip belt Yes
Integrated raincover Yes
Camel bag - ready Yes
Back system 3D Mesh Back System
Zippers YKK
Dimensions 74 x 30 x 25 cm
Volume 31L - 50L

Attack 45, oranžový, záda

Introducing Attack 45

At the bottom of the backpack, there are two loops with clips at the backpack, they are used for attaching ice axes or trekking poles. The ice axe is pulled through the loop and secured with a buckle, the handle is then secured with the upper velcro straps. At the same level, there are two ski loops on the sides of the backpack. Above, there is the entrance to the lower chamber, which is equipped with a safety clip and just above it leads the lower strap. The length of straps can be adjusted on the sides and the buckle in the middle.

Another advantage is the two strap ladders suitable for adjusting the height of the upper straps to the stick / ice axe and the second strap, this time with three clips. The practical side opening zipper allows access to the main compartment

The bag lid is equipped with four grommets for adding additional equipment straps. At the back, there is a small pocket and under the pocket, there is a pocket with the raincover. There is another smaller pocket at the bottom of the lid. In the main chamber, there we can find separate water bag compartment and a pocket for removable back reinforcements.

The hip strap is equipped with a pocket for smaller items.

Key elements

  • Detachable raincoat for backpack
  • Quality and sophisticated loops for ice axes and trekking poles
  • Two straps around the entire backpack
  • Large entrance to the lower chamber
  • Side entry to the upper chamber
  • Removable and adjustable loops for trekking poles
  • Four massive grommets on the lid for additional equipment
  • Separate pocket in backpack lid
  • Pocket from the bottom of the backpack lid
  • Rope Strap
  • Camelbag pocket, hole and strap for hose
  • Removable back reinforcement
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • The detachable waist belt with a pocket
  • The Hipbag can be assembled from the waist belt and backpack lid

Instructions for assembly the hip bag from the lid of the backpack and the hip belt

Warning: We can not take the reassemling of the backpack as a warranity complaint.

  • Tighten all the straps and adjust the free ends
  1. Pull the rope strap from the lid of the backpack
  2. Separate the lid from the rest of the backpack by:
    1. Unfold the free ends of the strips
    2. Detach the velcro
    3. Pull the free ends of the straps out of the buckle
  3. In the same way as (2.) pull the straps from the hip belt. The buckles are located in the side pockets
  4. The hip belt is secured by the lining that is attached on top by a velcro fastener with the back system, open it and pull out the lining
  5. Lift down the waist belt from the dural reinforcements
  6. Remove the D mesh lining to access the velcro
  7. Using a velcro, fasten the hip belt with the lid of the backpack
  8. Belts that were originally holding the hip belt at the backpack, pass through the buckles located in the bottom of the lid of the backpack under the hem