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Main advantages

Used materials

ThermicFibre 6
High quality hollow fiber with six channels

Thermic Fiber 6, the successor to Hollowfibre 6, is a spiral twisted polyester fiber with 6 channels. The air retained in these channels gives them excellent insulating capabilities. Thanks to the flexible bond and the specific deposition into the layers, the fibers reach the so-called LOFT. This means that after unpacking, the original volume will create and fill the sleeping chamber compartment. The maximum effect and lifetime is achieved by applying a silicone layer to the surface of the fibers, which fixes the fiber position relative to each other and reduces friction. Hollow fibers are excellently insulating even at high humidity, are non-absorbent, quick drying, non-allergic. They are easy to maintain and can be washed and dried.

Detailed Description

Technical specification

Weight 1.4 kg
Insulation technology Syntethetic - ThermicFibre
Insulation thickness Two-layer
Outer material
Inner material
User's height
Width (max/min)
Packed volume 9.4 L
Kompressed volume 6.1 L
Connectability (L+R) Yes
Packed / compressed dimensions
Shape Mummy
Type Men (185 - 205 cm)
Season Summer
Comfort 6 °C
Limit 1 °C
Extreme -15 °C